January 08, 2021

02 We are the center and ground of our own existence. We interpret our experience (reality) to suit ourselves. What we say goes. We are our own authority. Our own God. We see all we look at, all we experience, in light of all we have looked at, experienced, and how we have responded toContinue reading “January 08, 2021”

January 07, 2021

03 What is the organizing idea of our life? The original Oomph driving our original nature? We are here to do what? What drives us? What shapes our life? What does our particular constellation of interests/abilities/knacks/proclivities/ virtues/characteristics equip us to do? What calls us forth? Leads us on? What fascinates us? Attracts us? Spellbinds us?Continue reading “January 07, 2021”

December 14, 2020

03 It is easy to let someone else tell us what to do. To follow the herd. From the barn to the pasture, and back to the barn. Day after day. The work of being human is The Hero’s Journey– finding what is meaningful, not because it is supposed to be, but because it is!Continue reading “December 14, 2020”

December 13, 2020

02 Diane Osbon said, “There is a track for each of us.” A track. A path. A way. A beam. A course… And we know when we are on it, and when we are not on it. We know when we are resonating with our life, and when we are not. We know when weContinue reading “December 13, 2020”

December 01, 2020

It comes down to attitude. Outlook. Viewpoint. Perception. Perspective. How we look limits what we see, casts what we see in a favorable or unfavorable light, tilts the table for or against, pro or con, my way or the highway. We tend to see in ways that favor what we favor and disfavor what weContinue reading “December 01, 2020”

November 01, 2020

03 What is this moment in our day asking of us? What is this time and this place in our life asking of us? Sit quietly! Listen! Feel in your body what this moment in your day, what this time and place in your life, are asking of you, are calling for. Learn to readContinue reading “November 01, 2020”

October 30, 2020

05 The Hero’s Journey is about seeking the source of who we are in the work of reclaiming our Original Nature and uncovering what is deepest, truest and best about us. It is a psychological journey of discovery, requiring us to work with our dreams, engage our fears and desires, and our obligations to ourContinue reading “October 30, 2020”

October 26, 2020

04 Too many of us do not have time to be quiet, to sit quietly, listening, looking, waiting for something, they know not what. All of the important things occur to us in the silence. On the toilet. In the shower. The bathroom is the most meditative friendly room we are ever in. Take advantageContinue reading “October 26, 2020”