January 28, 2021

03 I thought I wanted to be a therapist for about fifteen minutes. Not quite as long as thinking I wanted to be a third-grade teacher. But with the same outcome: A quick and permanent end to thinking those things. Reality is all the guide we need. Ever. With the therapy thing, it became clearContinue reading “January 28, 2021”

January 27, 2021

03 The single most important thing you can do to improve your chances of living well upon the earth throughout the time left for living is to become accomplished in taking “No” for an answer. By “accomplished” I mean taking “No” for an answer when, where, and how it needs to be done the wayContinue reading “January 27, 2021”

January 24, 2021

05 If you cannot be vulnerable, you will be symptomatic all your life, and crazy as well. We are surrounded by vulnerabilities! There is no way we can be protected from them all! Everything worthwhile about us and about our life is strictly dependent upon our vulnerability threshold. The more vulnerable we can be, theContinue reading “January 24, 2021”

January 21, 2021

04 What is worth doing for itself alone? Start there. Give yourself to the actions that are their own fulfillment and reason for being. Horseback riding, perhaps. Walking on a foggy morning through the woods. Reading stories to the grandchildren. Surely, your life is filled with things that you do for the joy of it!Continue reading “January 21, 2021”

January 20, 2021

03 Living aligned with our life and living in accord with the Tao is bringing our best to meet the day, like water seeking its way, not forcing its way, by responding appropriately, at the right time, in the right way, to each situation as it arises. That sounds simple enough. What makes it difficult?Continue reading “January 20, 2021”