January 19, 2021

03 We live on to pass it on– to pass life on. Not only physical life, but spiritual life as well. And spiritual life has nothing to do with beliefs, ideology, theology, doctrine, dogma, creeds, catechisms, words, thinking, reason, logic, rationality. Spiritual life has to do with dancing, playing, laughing, singing, drumming, poetry, metaphor, symbol…Continue reading “January 19, 2021”

January 17, 2021

03 We have to attain a certain level of maturity before we are able to live with the kind of balance and harmony required to dance with our circumstances without being crushed by them. People who aren’t somewhat grown up before their life begins to deliver disappointment and heartbreak, grief, loss and sorrow, winking andContinue reading “January 17, 2021”

January 16, 2021

04 We cannot control what happens, but. We can strongly influence what happens next by the way we respond to what happens. Balance and harmony do not depend upon external circumstances. Living from our center with sincerity and non-contrivance, mindful awareness and optimal emotional distance between ourselves and what is happening in each situation asContinue reading “January 16, 2021”

January 15, 2021

03 The Buddha’s first great discovery was “All life is suffering.” It gets better. His second great discovery was “The way to freedom from suffering is to not care about anything.” That’s it. Buddhism in two sentences. Get those down and you are as enlightened as the Buddha was. Or, you could just say, “SufferingContinue reading “January 15, 2021”

January 14, 2021

04 We have to be clear about what we would go to hell for– about what we would serve with our life because it is life itself for us. This isn’t some grand principle, “My family,” “My country,” “Human rights,” etc. This is what we do every day because we cannot imagine a day withoutContinue reading “January 14, 2021”

January 12, 2021

05 Returning to the silence, seeking the center, harmonizing ourselves with the disharmony on all sides, making our peace with the complete absence of peace in our life, putting ourselves in accord with the complete lack of accord anywhere we look, is walking on the water of the heaving waves of the wine-dark sea, betweenContinue reading “January 12, 2021”

January 08, 2021

02 We are the center and ground of our own existence. We interpret our experience (reality) to suit ourselves. What we say goes. We are our own authority. Our own God. We see all we look at, all we experience, in light of all we have looked at, experienced, and how we have responded toContinue reading “January 08, 2021”