January 07, 2021

03 What is the organizing idea of our life? The original Oomph driving our original nature? We are here to do what? What drives us? What shapes our life? What does our particular constellation of interests/abilities/knacks/proclivities/ virtues/characteristics equip us to do? What calls us forth? Leads us on? What fascinates us? Attracts us? Spellbinds us?Continue reading “January 07, 2021”

January 06, 2021

03 When the Commander in Chief assumes no responsibility and incites riot and rebellion, the Commander in Chief has to be relieved of duty. This is fundamental “how to do it” procedure. The problem is that those who would initiate the procedure themselves need to be relieved of duty, because they are incapable of doingContinue reading “January 06, 2021”

January 01, 2021

02 Democracy is a fair shake for everyone. Equal rights under the law. No racism. No sexism. No misogyny. No homophobia. No favoritism. No prejudice. No discrimination. Etc. All people enjoy equality, and no special interests are catered to. Nobody threatens the peace and security of anybody else. Everyone minds their own business and staysContinue reading “January 01, 2021”