November 28, 2020

02 If our heart isn’t in what we are doing, it shows. We can’t fake heart. Better that we listen to heart– and do what heart says do, and not do what heart says don’t do. We make our biggest mistakes not listening to heart. Or confusing heart with Eros, and waking up in someContinue reading “November 28, 2020”

November 24, 2020

03 What is your predominant mood? What is your overriding feeling? What is the nature of your outlook? Of your viewpoint? Of your disposition? How does your body carry anxiety, anger, hopelessness, depression, grief, mourning, fear, worry, concern…? What is not working about your life? Where are your needs and expectations being disappointed? What isContinue reading “November 24, 2020”

October 30, 2020

05 The Hero’s Journey is about seeking the source of who we are in the work of reclaiming our Original Nature and uncovering what is deepest, truest and best about us. It is a psychological journey of discovery, requiring us to work with our dreams, engage our fears and desires, and our obligations to ourContinue reading “October 30, 2020”