August 06-B, 2022

If I could do one thing for you, I would increase your pain threshold. Our tolerance for the pain of life is the single most important thing about us. Increasing that gives us more latitude, flexibility, working room in dealing with the day’s deliveries. The way we take what comes determines the response we makeContinue reading “August 06-B, 2022”

November 19, 2020

03 We see things the way we see things. And. Everything hinges/turns/flows from/falls out around how we see things. Nothing is more important than being right about the way we see things. That being the case– and who could see it any other way– you would think we would take the pains required to seeContinue reading “November 19, 2020”

November 06, 2020

02 Where do you turn when you have nowhere to turn? It’s a serious question. What holds you up? What keeps you going? What do you live for? What is life for you? What is your foundation? Your ground? Your center? What is the rock solid, adamantine core of your life which nothing can knockContinue reading “November 06, 2020”