December 14, 2020

03 It is easy to let someone else tell us what to do. To follow the herd. From the barn to the pasture, and back to the barn. Day after day. The work of being human is The Hero’s Journey– finding what is meaningful, not because it is supposed to be, but because it is!Continue reading “December 14, 2020”

December 01, 2020

It comes down to attitude. Outlook. Viewpoint. Perception. Perspective. How we look limits what we see, casts what we see in a favorable or unfavorable light, tilts the table for or against, pro or con, my way or the highway. We tend to see in ways that favor what we favor and disfavor what weContinue reading “December 01, 2020”

November 28, 2020

02 If our heart isn’t in what we are doing, it shows. We can’t fake heart. Better that we listen to heart– and do what heart says do, and not do what heart says don’t do. We make our biggest mistakes not listening to heart. Or confusing heart with Eros, and waking up in someContinue reading “November 28, 2020”

November 25, 2020

04 Boredom is not a call for “Action, any kind of action!”, but an invitation to sit still and be quiet. We are forever passing up silence for action– and therein lies the problem. “Action, any kind of action,” is distraction, diversion, addiction– addiction to noise, to distraction and diversion. We live for entertaining pastimes,Continue reading “November 25, 2020”

November 22, 2020

03 What are the things keeping us from being the person we are capable of being, doing the things we are capable of getting done? Really–what is holding us back? Standing in our way? If it weren’t for what, we would be doing what? Sit quietly with those things in your lap. Meditate on thoseContinue reading “November 22, 2020”

November 18, 2020

05 My short list of the most important things: See what you look at. Look at everything. Hear what you listen to. Listen to everything. Know what you know, and what you don’t know. Sit quietly as often as possible for as long as possible. Contemplate your original nature and your natural rhythms. Realize thatContinue reading “November 18, 2020”