January 19, 2021

03 We live on to pass it on– to pass life on. Not only physical life, but spiritual life as well. And spiritual life has nothing to do with beliefs, ideology, theology, doctrine, dogma, creeds, catechisms, words, thinking, reason, logic, rationality. Spiritual life has to do with dancing, playing, laughing, singing, drumming, poetry, metaphor, symbol…Continue reading “January 19, 2021”

December 21, 2021

04 Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day in the year, and the day the sun turns back toward the earth. The day all those human beings were sacrificed through the ages to bring The God back– and it WORKED!!! All of our ideologies “work” the same way! “Let it be!” said the Beatles.Continue reading “December 21, 2021”