January 21, 2021

04 What is worth doing for itself alone? Start there. Give yourself to the actions that are their own fulfillment and reason for being. Horseback riding, perhaps. Walking on a foggy morning through the woods. Reading stories to the grandchildren. Surely, your life is filled with things that you do for the joy of it!Continue reading “January 21, 2021”

December 30, 2020

04 The Tao te Ching observes, Water doesn’t force its way, water finds its way. The same source favors having no agenda beyond knowing what is called for and doing it the way it needs to be done, at the time it needs to be done, and then, letting nature take its course into theContinue reading “December 30, 2020”

December 13, 2020

02 Diane Osbon said, “There is a track for each of us.” A track. A path. A way. A beam. A course… And we know when we are on it, and when we are not on it. We know when we are resonating with our life, and when we are not. We know when weContinue reading “December 13, 2020”