November 04, 2020

03 It is simple enough to find the still point– the fulcrum, “The still point of the turning world,” (T.S. Eliot), the center of our own ground of being, the Axis Mundi, the center of the world, of the universe, of eternity, of infinity… Stand still. Sit quietly. There you are. You are the stillContinue reading “November 04, 2020”

November 01, 2020

03 What is this moment in our day asking of us? What is this time and this place in our life asking of us? Sit quietly! Listen! Feel in your body what this moment in your day, what this time and place in your life, are asking of you, are calling for. Learn to readContinue reading “November 01, 2020”

October 01, 2020

03 The Way doesn’t get any clearer than this: Do your thing with nothing at stake in the outcome. In each situation as it arises. That is all there is to it. Or ever has been. –0– 02 We create the future by the way we respond to our present. Each present moment– every here-and-now–Continue reading “October 01, 2020”

September 29, 2020

04 Consistency, reliability, dependability… Can we maintain our connection with the center? Can we remain on the path? Can we retain our focus amid the Clashing Rocks on the Heaving Waves of the Wine Dark Sea? It is one thing to grasp the truth of what is needed in the silence of circumstances that areContinue reading “September 29, 2020”