September 30, 2020

02 Safety, security, stability are the three foundational necessities for life as we would like to live it. They are as much an internal orientation as they are an external reality. Someone who has been physically/sexually/emotionally abused, and place them in a safe/secure/stable environment, and it will take them forever to feel safe/secure/stable. Take someoneContinue reading “September 30, 2020”

September 29, 2020

04 Consistency, reliability, dependability… Can we maintain our connection with the center? Can we remain on the path? Can we retain our focus amid the Clashing Rocks on the Heaving Waves of the Wine Dark Sea? It is one thing to grasp the truth of what is needed in the silence of circumstances that areContinue reading “September 29, 2020”

September 27, 2020

02 Jon Kabat-Zinn (And if you haven’t watched his YouTube Videos on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction– the shortest ones first– what exactly are you waiting for?) said that mindfulness and meditation are like riding a bicycle. When you are learning to ride a bicycle, you think about riding the bicycle. When you learn to rideContinue reading “September 27, 2020”

September 26, 2020

01 We have to believe in the things that keep us going. That is the true test of our faith. Can it–does it–will it–keep us going? We go in the service of what we believe in. People who have lost their faith go mostly to bars and opioids. The surest way to not lose ourContinue reading “September 26, 2020”

September 24, 2020

02 Ambition, incentive, aspiration are all over-hyped. Who knows what to want? Who wants what should be wanted? Who can be forced to want what they ought to want? So, you spend your life in the service of things that don’t matter, thinking they matter, working for prestige, status and stature, dry as desert dustContinue reading “September 24, 2020”

September 23, 2020

02 If we are going to take anything on faith, let it be the actuality of the Unknown Knower within! Take the Psyche we are unconscious of on faith! And work to develop a relationship with her– a relationship of mutual respect, dependence, and collaboration– throughout the remainder of the time left for living! ConsiderContinue reading “September 23, 2020”

September 22, 2020

03 To eyes that see, ears that hear, and hearts that understand, our fate provides us with exactly what we need to fulfill our destiny. Joseph Campbell said, “Love your enemies and what you hate most about your life because they are instruments of your destiny.” We are pulled forth, against our will, and thrustContinue reading “September 22, 2020”

September 21, 2020

02 I am sure you have noticed by now that everything we want comes with something we don’t want attached. There is no escaping it, no denying it, which leaves us with accepting it, and letting it be because it is. There is nothing wrong anywhere in our life that growing up some more againContinue reading “September 21, 2020”

September 20, 2020

04 The fulcrum–the pivot point–from past to future is to live with nothing at stake in the outcome. Giving our best to the moment with nothing to gain and nothing to lose, intent only on honoring the situation as it unfolds around us by responding to what is called for with the gifts we haveContinue reading “September 20, 2020”