September 14, 2020

02 People have been missing the point forever. Thinking they/we are the point, and that everything here is for our benefit and enjoyment– to “fill the earth and subdue it,” party hardy and pass a good time. We plop out of the womb figuring the angles, calculating our chances, contriving, conning scheming, planning… always withContinue reading “September 14, 2020”

September 13, 2020

02 We have to be right about what is important and live as though it is in each situation as it arises, no matter what. It is never more difficult than that. It is always that difficult. In order to pull it off, we have to be mindfully aware of what matters most to usContinue reading “September 13, 2020”

September 12, 2020

02 When people ask me if I believe in God, I ask them if they believe in Grace. Most say something on the order of “Of course!” I follow up with, “Why do you believe in Grace?” Most say something on the order of “I have experienced it in my own life!” And I say,Continue reading “September 12, 2020”

September 10, 2020

04 Chief Seattle and Black Elk did not have a PhD between them. Or a Masters Degree. Or a Bachelors Degree. Or a high school diploma. And they were brilliant men of soul, fit for the company of Gandalf the Grey, Albus Dumbledore, Obi wan Kenobi and Yoda. Dolly Parton would belong to that group.Continue reading “September 10, 2020”

September 9, 2020

04 Our life does not happen accidentally, while we are in pursuit of our dreams. It isn’t what occurs while we are doing something else. Something more fun. Our life is the intentional production of the mutual collaboration between the conscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves. We are two selves: Conscious and Unconscious (We callContinue reading “September 9, 2020”

September 7, 2020

03 Religion died when it invented theology. Theology is Substitute Religion. It is somebody else’s Religion. Theology is Second-hand Religion. Theology is equivalent to what the people did when Moses came down from the mountain, and his face shone so with the absorbed Glory of God that the people couldn’t look directly at him, andContinue reading “September 7, 2020”