September 16, 2020


Dockside 11/14/2017 06 — Port Royal, South Carolina
We don't know what is going to happen,
We are here, now, because we have dealt 
with everything up until here, now,
successfully enough to be here, now.

That is evidence enough for me
to trust myself
to deal with whatever happens
in a way that carries me on
into wherever this is going.

I'm interested in seeing what happens,
and what I do about it.
I'm not the least bit worried,

Something is always happening,
and I am always doing something in response.
So are you.
And here we are.
What's the problem?



Cullasaja River 10/21/2014 02 — Nantahala National Forest, Highlands, North Carolina
Count the number of times
Jesus says the equivalent of
"To hell with you!"
Or, "To hell with them!"
In the Gospels.

And then take your idea
of "unconditional love"
to the burning barrel.

To love white supremacists unconditionally
is to BE a white supremacist.
To love police brutality unconditionally
is to be a member of the Brutal Police Officers' Union.

And don't give me the double talk
of "Loving the Sinner 
and Hating the Sin"!
Sin and Sinner cannot be separated
any more than Darkness and Light
can be combined.

And, while we are on the subject,
the only Sin is refusing to be who we are
because of our strong attachment 
to who we also are.
And the only solution to that Sin
is to walk "the straight and narrow,"
which is "the dangerous path"
along "the slippery slope"
like "the razor's edge"
between who we are 
and who we also are
through all of the times and places 
of our living
our entire life long.

Who we are is the Christ.
Who we also are is the Antichrist. 

And our burden is the Cross
which connects Heaven and Hell (Earth)
with the crosspiece of the Here and Now.

Or the Star of David
with the apex of one triangle reaching for Heaven
and the apex of the other triangle straining for Hell (Earth)
and the meeting place of us
in the Here and Now of our life.

Or the Yin/Yang
with its border between the eternal opposites
being the individual integrating the opposites
in each here and now of their life
over the long course of time.

When we throw out religion
with its blah-blah about believing
this or that
and step into being who we are
and who we also are
in each situation as it arises
through each here and now of our life,
we know the truth whereof we speak
of Alpha and Omega,
Darkness and Light
Death and Life
working their way out
in the contexts and circumstances of our life
by bearing the pain of our contraries
for the joy of participating in the wonder/agony 
of being
all our life long.

Published by jimwdollar

I'm retired, and still finding my way--but now, I don't have to pretend that I know what I'm doing. I retired after 40.5 years as a minister in the Presbyterian Church USA, serving churches in Louisiana, Mississippi and North Carolina. I graduated from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, in Austin, Texas, and Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. My wife, Judy, and I have three daughters and five granddaughters within about twenty minutes from where we live--and are enjoying our retirement as much as we have ever enjoyed anything.

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