December 08, 2020

05 Every time and place has its own mood, its own character, its own sense of being in, or out of, the flow– the Tao– of life and being Some places are so dead redemption and resurrection are out of the question. I have to get myself walked out of those places. I expect youContinue reading “December 08, 2020”

October 16, 2020

–0– 02 If we want to see, we have to see that we are not seeing. And then, we have to see what we are not seeing. We do that best by sitting quietly. Silence is the source of The Source, and the threshold to all seeing/knowing, doing/being. It all begins with silence, and proceedsContinue reading “October 16, 2020”

September 26, 2020

01 We have to believe in the things that keep us going. That is the true test of our faith. Can it–does it–will it–keep us going? We go in the service of what we believe in. People who have lost their faith go mostly to bars and opioids. The surest way to not lose ourContinue reading “September 26, 2020”