December 23, 2020

02 “What should I do? What response should I make? What is being asked of me? What is being called for in this immediate situation, here and now?” We only have to know what is being called for in the situation that is most pertinent in any moment, to know what we should do. WhatContinue reading “December 23, 2020”

November 02, 2020

04 Sincerity and non-contrivance are one thing, and combine with compassion to produce an environment conducive to life, living and being alive. There are not enough sources of sincerity/non-contrivance and compassion in my life or yours, or in the entire world. It is more like snatch and grab and to hell with you wherever weContinue reading “November 02, 2020”

October 14, 2020

06 Our place, as conscious egos, is to live as guardians, protectors, defenders, and servants of the Source, the Origin, of our life and being. If I asked you to “Go to the Source,” where would you go? If I asked you to describe the location, what would you say? If I asked you toContinue reading “October 14, 2020”

October 07, 2020

03 We live our way to the truth of who we are coming to terms with the truth of how things are, of how the world is, of how life is, of the way things work moment-to-moment, one situation at a time, one day at a time, over the full course of our life. TheContinue reading “October 07, 2020”

September 29, 2020

04 Consistency, reliability, dependability… Can we maintain our connection with the center? Can we remain on the path? Can we retain our focus amid the Clashing Rocks on the Heaving Waves of the Wine Dark Sea? It is one thing to grasp the truth of what is needed in the silence of circumstances that areContinue reading “September 29, 2020”

September 24, 2020

02 Ambition, incentive, aspiration are all over-hyped. Who knows what to want? Who wants what should be wanted? Who can be forced to want what they ought to want? So, you spend your life in the service of things that don’t matter, thinking they matter, working for prestige, status and stature, dry as desert dustContinue reading “September 24, 2020”