December 28, 2020

03 We all possess a super weapon that is well within our reach, yet far exceeds our grasp. It is simply-and-simultaneously-impossibly being mindfully aware of what is happening and what needs to happen in response in each situation as it arises, and how we might help meet that need with the gifts/virtues/characteristics/ genius/original nature thatContinue reading “December 28, 2020”

October 29, 2020

02 We begin to die when we stop singing, dancing, telling, listening to, and being enchanted by, stories, spending time with, and being comforted by, “the sweet territory of silence” (Angeles Arrien). There is a difference that is more than a difference (Like a train wreck is different from a burp) between being driven byContinue reading “October 29, 2020”

October 03, 2020

03 Our life forms itself around us, reflecting our choices and decisions exhibiting our preferences and inclinations, expressing our degree of creativity and courage… We are content seeking shape and form. Our life becomes us so. And we blame our circumstances. “If we had had more of this and less of that!” If this! IfContinue reading “October 03, 2020”