November 06, 2020

02 Where do you turn when you have nowhere to turn? It’s a serious question. What holds you up? What keeps you going? What do you live for? What is life for you? What is your foundation? Your ground? Your center? What is the rock solid, adamantine core of your life which nothing can knockContinue reading “November 06, 2020”

November 5, 2020

02 When we live to integrate our opposites and express/incarnate/bring forth our original nature– “the face that was ours before we were born– our identity, who we are, our true self, and not to get something, attain something, have something, possess something, dominate something, win something, have something to show for having lived… When weContinue reading “November 5, 2020”

November 04, 2020

03 It is simple enough to find the still point– the fulcrum, “The still point of the turning world,” (T.S. Eliot), the center of our own ground of being, the Axis Mundi, the center of the world, of the universe, of eternity, of infinity… Stand still. Sit quietly. There you are. You are the stillContinue reading “November 04, 2020”

November 03, 2020

03 Heart and meaning are our guides through the wilderness. Does it have heart? Is your heart in this? Does it have meaning for you? If things start out full of heart and meaning, notice if that changes– not just because things become difficult. No just because hard things are being asked of us. EveryContinue reading “November 03, 2020”

November 02, 2020

04 Sincerity and non-contrivance are one thing, and combine with compassion to produce an environment conducive to life, living and being alive. There are not enough sources of sincerity/non-contrivance and compassion in my life or yours, or in the entire world. It is more like snatch and grab and to hell with you wherever weContinue reading “November 02, 2020”

November 01, 2020

03 What is this moment in our day asking of us? What is this time and this place in our life asking of us? Sit quietly! Listen! Feel in your body what this moment in your day, what this time and place in your life, are asking of you, are calling for. Learn to readContinue reading “November 01, 2020”