June 08, 2023 – A

Experience and reflection on experience lead to associations and connections, trains of thought and streams of inquiry, examination and realization, all of which form another level of experience, and the cycle repeats endlessly over time– unless we interrupt it by refusing to ask the questions that beg to be asked, or say the things thatContinue reading “June 08, 2023 – A”

June 07, 2023 -A

Getting, acquiring, amassing, owning, having, possessing, doing, achieving, winning, etc., add noise, complexity, drama and trauma to our life, disrupts our balance and harmony, increases turmoil, bedlam, chaos and uncertainty, and has us where we are. Everything has to serve balance and harmony, integrity, sincerity, spontaneity, spirit, energy and vitality– in the service of ourContinue reading “June 07, 2023 -A”