February 04-A, 2023

Taking something on faith is having an opinion about something with no facts or substantiating evidence to support you and believing in it anyway. Faith is an opinion with no foundation or validity. And is the ground of all religion everywhere. We have sacrificed animals, children, virgins, limbs and digits based on the opinion thatContinue reading “February 04-A, 2023”

February 02-B, 2023

Be free to make mistakes without being bound to them, repeating them, becoming them to the point where your life is just one continuing, eternal mistake in a Karmaratic, indulgent, helplessly incapable of breaking out of the tradition kind of way declaring, “I’m nothing but a screw-up! I’ve never been anything but a screw-up! I’llContinue reading “February 02-B, 2023”

February 01-A, 2023

Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” Begging the questions, “Free from what?” “Free to do what?” And Pilate’s inquiry, “What is truth?” Which Jesus left hanging through all these long years of truthlessness. Which will continue as long as we look for truth “out there,” when itContinue reading “February 01-A, 2023”

January 27-A, 2023

Joseph Campbell said the path of maturity is that of “breaking out of the psychological bondage to the culture into a self-responsible authority with the courage to accept and express one’s own thoughts about one’s own life.” We are to become self-directed, self-propelled, self-sustaining human beings in our own right. How, here’s the thing aboutContinue reading “January 27-A, 2023”

January 23-B, 2023

Throw away the theologies, the doctrines, the dogmas, the sutras, the dharma, etc. In their place recognize integrity, sincerity, spontaneity, emptiness, stillness, silence, balance, harmony, original nature, innate virtues/traits/characteristics, spirit/vitality/life. Remove noise/complexity/drama. See and do what needs to be done here and now when/where/how it needs to be done for no reason other than itContinue reading “January 23-B, 2023”

January 23-A, 2023

What practice do you follow to maintain/recover your balance and harmony? How do you sustain your focus? Your direction? Your connection to the central pole, the axis mundi, of the turning/heaving/crashing/chaotic world? What brings you back to who you are– to your original nature and the innate virtues/traits/characteristics that are yours from birth? An abidingContinue reading “January 23-A, 2023”