Spring Months, 2023

Ourselves–the term sounds strange until we understand that “we” are composed of a multitude of layers, all with something at stake in who we are, and our conscious exterior’s rightful place is to tune into our interior’s (Which we call “The Unconscious” because we are not conscious of it) interests/leanings/drifts/directives, so that we form aContinue reading “Spring Months, 2023”

February 09-C, 2023

Circumstances spawn/create/produce/beget/etc. circumstances. That’s all there is and ever has been. That is all there ever will be. We keep talking about “the beginning,” and “the end.” There is no beginning! There is no end! There is no outcome! One “outcome” leads to another set of circumstances with another “outcome,” ad nauseam. The “outcome” ofContinue reading “February 09-C, 2023”