October 03, 2020

03 Our life forms itself around us, reflecting our choices and decisions exhibiting our preferences and inclinations, expressing our degree of creativity and courage… We are content seeking shape and form. Our life becomes us so. And we blame our circumstances. “If we had had more of this and less of that!” If this! IfContinue reading “October 03, 2020”

October 02, 2020

01 We hide ourselves and hide from ourselves. We speak in code about ourselves and to ourselves. Dismissing. Disregarding. Discounting. Denying. Ignoring. What is important in favor of what is trivial and essentially non-essential. We only have to look a our life to know it is so. Our life conceals and reveals us. Our choicesContinue reading “October 02, 2020”

October 01, 2020

03 The Way doesn’t get any clearer than this: Do your thing with nothing at stake in the outcome. In each situation as it arises. That is all there is to it. Or ever has been. –0– 02 We create the future by the way we respond to our present. Each present moment– every here-and-now–Continue reading “October 01, 2020”