March 21-B, 2023

The flow of energy through life was called “The Tao” in 500-and-earlier BCE, for lack of a better term. “Tao” is gender-neutral and free of the cumbersome baggage of theology, and cosmology, and astrology, and all of the other “logy’s” we have developed over time to control/master/explain/exploit the mystery at the heart of life andContinue reading “March 21-B, 2023”

March 17-B, 2023

We live surrounded by great mysteries which we never pause to recognize, consider, wonder about, as though we have something to do that is more important. Did someone just say, “More Important”? What an amazing coincidence! I was just thinking “more important”! And wondering about how we go about determining what is important and whatContinue reading “March 17-B, 2023”