March 13-A, 2023

The articulation of experience deepens, enlarges, expands experience. Talk about what you have experienced, are experiencing. Write about it. Dance it out. Draw/paint it out. Play it out on the musical instrument of your choice… Translate the impact of experience into words, music, forms and shapes, colors, motion… Experience your experience! Look at it fromContinue reading “March 13-A, 2023”

March 11-A, 2023

The problem with religion is theology. “Theology” is another word for “Opinion.” Theology is opinion that takes itself literally. That mistakes itself for a fact. There are no theological facts. There are only theological beliefs. All beliefs are opinions. Superstition is a set of beliefs that are opinions. Black magic, same thing. Horoscopes, same thing.Continue reading “March 11-A, 2023”