October 25, 2020

03 There is no place to get to, nothing to achieve, no destination or end point of the process. Enlightenment is not a steady state of being. There are no steady states of being. Whether even death is or is not remains to be seen. Enlightenment is a process. Illumination is the realization that enlightenmentContinue reading “October 25, 2020”

October 18, 2020

04 Shamanism, you could look this up, is the world’s oldest religion starting up between 10,000 and 5,000 BCE. Hinduism and Taoism come in next from about 5,000 to 2,500 BCE. From at least 2,500 BCE Taoism is documented as saying “It all comes down to doing the right thing in the right way” (orContinue reading “October 18, 2020”

October 16, 2020

–0– 02 If we want to see, we have to see that we are not seeing. And then, we have to see what we are not seeing. We do that best by sitting quietly. Silence is the source of The Source, and the threshold to all seeing/knowing, doing/being. It all begins with silence, and proceedsContinue reading “October 16, 2020”

October 15, 2020

02 What isn’t working for you? Where did you get off the track? What are you seeking? What would make things right? How are you kidding yourself? What would it take to stop? There has to be a reckoning. A coming to terms with how things are. An owning up. A turning. Carl Jung said,Continue reading “October 15, 2020”

October 14, 2020

06 Our place, as conscious egos, is to live as guardians, protectors, defenders, and servants of the Source, the Origin, of our life and being. If I asked you to “Go to the Source,” where would you go? If I asked you to describe the location, what would you say? If I asked you toContinue reading “October 14, 2020”

September 24, 2020

02 Ambition, incentive, aspiration are all over-hyped. Who knows what to want? Who wants what should be wanted? Who can be forced to want what they ought to want? So, you spend your life in the service of things that don’t matter, thinking they matter, working for prestige, status and stature, dry as desert dustContinue reading “September 24, 2020”

September 21, 2020

02 I am sure you have noticed by now that everything we want comes with something we don’t want attached. There is no escaping it, no denying it, which leaves us with accepting it, and letting it be because it is. There is nothing wrong anywhere in our life that growing up some more againContinue reading “September 21, 2020”