June 30, 2020

The grounding reality of white supremacy is white inferiority. The grounding reality of hatred is a wasteland of emptiness born of resentment and rage. The grounding reality of ruthlessness and malicious intent is fear and aloneness untouched by, immune to, distrustful of, kindness and grace. You cannot love someone who cannot be loved. Or better,Continue reading “June 30, 2020”

The Church of What’s Happening Now

Flip Wilson’s comedy role as Reverend Leroy of The Church of What’s Happening Now is the perfect precursor for the Church as it Ought To be. For one thing, he is comedic and doesn’t take himself seriously. For another, the Church of What’s happening Now is intently focused on, and involved with, the present moment,Continue reading “The Church of What’s Happening Now”