October 12, 2021


Lake Louise 01 09/24/2009 Oil Paint Rendered — Banfff National Park, Alberta
Thin places are everywhere all the time.

The invisible world
is the foundation
of the visible world,
the grounding source
of all that is.

And doorways/thresholds/portkeys
from this world to that world
are as close
as sitting still,
being quiet.

Mythos predates logos
by ten million years.

The Numen.
The ineffable.
The inexpressibly real.
The heart of life and being...
At our fingertips.

"Well within our reach,
yet, far exceeding our grasp."

Because we like it that way.

We like reason, logic and analytical thinking.
We don't like mystery and mystic
and things we can't nail down.

Sheldon Kopp puts us in our place
with his,
"Some things can be experienced,
but not understood.
And some things can be understood,
but not explained."

And mythos goes where logos dare not tread.

The thin places are accessible
to the companions of mythos. 
The champions of logos, 
not so much.

The way is clear to those with eyes to see,
and always has been.
The trouble is
that those who don't see,
don't want anybody seeing.
Or even looking.



Cades Cove Methodist Church 02/28/2014 Oil Paint Rendered — Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Townsend, Tennessee
There is how things are,
and there is how things ought to be.

Who decides these things?
Who makes how things are
the way things are?

Who says things ought to be
some way other than how they are?

Who determines what is good
and what is not?

Who makes the rules
and enforces them?
Who enables or disables the enforcers?

And what part does Big Money play
in all of this?

Big Money says 
"We are going to put
regular people in space."
And does it.

Big Money does not say,
"We are going to pay everyone
a livable wage."
And people work for poverty wages.

Big Money serves its values
at the expense of the entire world.

Big Money does not say,
"We are going to disappear dependence
on fossil fuels in ten years."

Big Money says,
"We are going to make as much money
as we can
for as long as we possibly can."

"Profit At Any Price Forever!"
is Capitalism's (Big Money's) mantra.

And Capitalism/Big Money runs the world.

Politics is the tool Capitalism/Big Money uses
to wield its will in the US 
and around the world.

People will do anything for money.
Everything is for sale.
Nothing but money is sacred.

This is how things are.

How do you think things ought to be?

What means can you imagine 
for making it happen?

I think it will take the complete
internal collapse of things as they are,
for anything to be different-enough
to make a difference,
because money is at the heart
of how things are,
and money is self-serving
at the expense of all things.

Greed cannot serve anything
beyond itself.



Chimney Weather 02/11/2014 Oil Paint Rendered — Faires-Colthrap Cabin, Anne Springs Close Greenway, Fort Mill, South Carolina
Guidance and direction are internal affairs.
How do we know when to trust ourselves
to what someone tells us,
and when to say, "Nope. I'm not going there, doing that"?

We lead ourselves throughout our life,
saying "Yes," to this and "No," to that--
as though we know what we are doing.

But, how do we know
that this is yes and that is no?

Where do likes and dislikes come from?

Wants and don't-wants?

Good and bad?

Where do good and bad come from?

Why do we call good what we call good?

And not-good what we call not-good?

What pilots our boat on its path through the sea?

What picks our destinations,
and chooses our ports and our harbors?

How analytically to we actually live?

How intuitively, instinctively?

Where does our guidance come from?

How does it know what it is doing?

What makes us so sure our "right"
is really right?

And our "wrong" is all that wrong? 

Published by jimwdollar

I'm retired, and still finding my way--but now, I don't have to pretend that I know what I'm doing. I retired after 40.5 years as a minister in the Presbyterian Church USA, serving churches in Louisiana, Mississippi and North Carolina. I graduated from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, in Austin, Texas, and Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. My wife, Judy, and I have three daughters and five granddaughters within about twenty minutes from where we live--and are enjoying our retirement as much as we have ever enjoyed anything.

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