April 11, 2021

01 What does orthodoxy fear from heresy? Orthodoxy’s insane response to heresy– excommunication, denunciation, torture, execution via burning at the stake and attacks in the Colosseum by lions and wild dogs, hanging and drowning– exposes fault lines destabilizing the foundations of orthodoxy. What does truth have to fear from the exploration of truth? Orthodoxy onContinue reading “April 11, 2021”


Theology is the end of religion. The religion that has to be explained, defined, elucidated, spelled out, nailed down, argued and debated into being is dead on arrival. Living religion thrives on fascination, realization, awe, wonder, amazement, joy, laughter, dancing, relishing, exuberance, confidence, peace, grace, kindness, compassion, generosity, integrity, mindfulness, awareness, self-transparency, questions, silence, balanceContinue reading “Theology”

February 22, 2021

03 Getting what we want and having our way take us straight to the heart of the Wasteland. Everybody knows what they want: Their Way! And everybody thinks it is all someone else’s fault that things never work out for them. Things never work out because they want the wrong things, and try to acquireContinue reading “February 22, 2021”