August 20-C, 2022

Road to Botany Bay 02 Oil Paint Rendered — Botany Bay Historical Preserve and Wildlife Refuge, Edisto Island, South Carolina
To those who say, “Have no aversion of any kind to anything ever!”, I say, “Oh, I see you have an aversion to aversion!” 

To those who say, “Do not DO anything at all!”, I say, “Now, that would really be doing something!”

We cannot say anything without producing the antithesis of what we intend. We create duality by saying, “This! Not That!” “Enlightenment! Not illusion!” “This is right! That is wrong!” 

All paths are paths to the path, which makes all paths the path. There is nothing that is not-the-path. And, sometimes we do it this way, and sometimes we do it that way. And that is the way it is to be done.

As Jesus said, "Let those with eyes see! Let those with ears hear! Let those with minds understand! And let those who do not see, or hear, or understand, come back tomorrow--perhaps things will be different then!"

Published by jimwdollar

I'm retired, and still finding my way--but now, I don't have to pretend that I know what I'm doing. I retired after 40.5 years as a minister in the Presbyterian Church USA, serving churches in Louisiana, Mississippi and North Carolina. I graduated from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, in Austin, Texas, and Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. My wife, Judy, and I have three daughters and five granddaughters within about twenty minutes from where we live--and are enjoying our retirement as much as we have ever enjoyed anything.

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