June 30, 2020

Pine Cones 06/19/2020 04 — Indian Land, South Carolina, June 19, 2020
The grounding reality of white supremacy 
is white inferiority.

The grounding reality of hatred 
is a wasteland of emptiness
born of resentment and rage.

The grounding reality of ruthlessness and malicious intent
is fear and aloneness untouched by,
immune to,
distrustful of,
kindness and grace.

You cannot love someone who cannot be loved.
Or better,
loved enough.

Love is not the answer
in terms of giving someone what they need
when their neediness goes infinitely beyond,
and runs counter to,
the requirements of love.

Love requires that we be capable of being loved
and loving.

You cannot be loved
if you cannot be vulnerable.

Marianne Moore said,
"The cure for loneliness is solitude."
Solitude requires us 
to be capable of relationship with ourselves.
Requires us to be able to love ourselves.
Requires us to enjoy the pleasure
of our own company.
Requires us to be loved and loving
by and of ourselves.

Solitude is no cure for the aloneness of soul
that has its origin in the abandonment of self
and the Abomination of Isolation.

Try to fix that with gentleness and compassion, 
a soft heart and tender mercy.
Life cannot make up for 
what living has annihilated.
The empty search in vain
for what they do not have
and cannot be given
because they do not have
what it takes to reciprocate 
with goodness and love.

We cannot love and be loved 
without being loving.

The loving and the loveless
have to acknowledge the nature of their impasse,
and listen to themselves 
telling their stories
with no investment,
or even interest,
in the outcome.

If healing happens,
they witness the miracle.
And if it doesn't,
they keep talking.
Even so.

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