June 28, 2020

Day Lillies 06/03/2020 09 — Indian Land, South Carolina June 3, 2020
Being true to ourselves
requires us to determine--
to decide--
when and where 
to move beyond the self
we have been being
into the self we must become.

Growing up is so very hard to do.

And transition points are hell
all the way to the grave.

Who are we?
Who must we be?
Who is the situation asking us to become?

Those are questions fit for a hero.
And so it is called
"The Hero's Journey."

We have to recognize what the moment
is requiring of us--
see what needs to be done,
what needs us to do it,
and decide
what we are going to do about it,
here and now.

We grow up against our will all the way.

Is this me
or not me
here and now?
Is this the time,
or not the time,
here and now?

We can always do what is not me.
Why Here?
Why Now?
We can always do what is me.
Why not Here?
Why not Now?

These are the choices hero's have to make,
time and time again.

Stay out of the way.
Something will happen.
Something will shift.
Some door will open.
You will find yourself walking through
To a future with your name on it.
Let it be.
Because it is.
No looking back.
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