June 21, 2020

Birds in a Tree 04/07/2020 — Indian Land, South Carolina, April 7, 2020

Anything that takes the present moment away from us
is evil.

Anything that brings the present moment vibrantly alive for us
is good.

Anything can take the present moment away from us.

Anything can bring the present moment vibrantly alive for us.

Anything can be evil.

Anything can be good.

The present moment is all there is.

Our relationship with it is the only thing that matters.

Our relationship with the present moment is the pivot point,
the fulcrum,
the place of greatest leverage,
shifting us,
positioning us,
into the center of The Way–
carrying us into the current of the flow of time and place–
opening us to what the situation
is calling for,
and enabling us to be the threshold
between what has been
and what will be.

Our role is to integrate the opposites.
To assimilate the polarities.
To harmonize the world.

We are the Third Way
between mutually exclusive contradictions.

How well we do our work depends upon
the quality of our relationship with the present moment.

The more we have at stake
in the present moment,
the less responsive we can be
to what is called for
and the more invested we will be
in serving a particular outcome
at the expense of all others.

And that is the kink in the hose.

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