July 28, 2020


Lake Andrew Jackson 07/26/2020 02 — Andrew Jackson State Park, Lancaster County, South Carolina, July 26, 2020
We stand before the Cyclops
in any one of his multitudinous manifestations
and recite the mantra
of the hopeless and forlorn
throughout the ages:

"Why take another step?
What good do we think it will do?
We are wasting our time!
What's the point of even showing up?
Who cares?
What difference will it make?
Why go on with the farce?"

And the Cyclops grins again,
red eye flashing hatred and rage,
stepping forward 
to claim his prize.

But, with a slight shift of perspective,
we turn the light around,
and step forward ourselves
to stop him where he stands:

 "Why take another step?
What good do you think it will do?
You are wasting your time!
What's the point of even showing up?
Who cares what you do or say?
What difference do you think you will make?
Why go on with the farce?
You are not scaring us off!
We are in this in spite of the best you can do
for as long as the work 
needs to be done!
We are not quitting!
We don't care what our chances are!
We are locked into what is called for!
We are solidly grounded in service to the Good
whether it does any good or not!
We are glad to be good for nothing!
If you want to tangle with us, come on!
We aren't stopping--
or even slowing down!"

The Cyclops depends on hopelessness
and dejection
doing his work for him.
When we find what is worth doing
"without hope,
without witness,
without reward"
(Steven Moffat),
there is no reason ever to quit,
or even slow down.

When we know what we would go to hell for,
we know what we will do no matter what,
and are free to live life 
as it needs us to live it,
without bothering to even keep score.



Morant’s Curve 09/18/2009 — Banff National Park, Alberta, September 18, 2009
Nothing is just what it is.
Everything points beyond itself
to the 10,000 things.

In any situation,
the 10,000 things are present,
and 10,000 things are going on
representing "the stuff"
each person--
and each living entity--
bring to the situation
out of their/its own lived experience.

It is a complicated world.

and create
everything that happens
and happens not
in each situation as it arises
across the board,
around the world.

Try getting a handle on that.
Try controlling that.
It is always a wonder
that things aren't
in more of a mess 
than they are in.


Balance and harmony, Kid.
Balance and harmony.
Starts at home.

Begin here, now.
Sit still.
Be quiet.
Until you see,
what's what,
what's happening,
what's going on,
what's being called for,
what needs to be done about it,
right here,
right now...

Awareness is our only tool.
Our only chance
at balance and harmony.
"This too, this, too."

Reflection leads to realization.
Realization leads to
"Thou Art That."

Seeing our own disparate, 
and dislocation
allows us to be cognizant of others'
and opens the way
to an "I and Thou" reckoning,
and a "What now?" dialog,
with compassion and peace
companions long absent from the conversation
present at last in the room.

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