July 25, 2020


The Train at Morant’s Curve 09/19/2009 03 — Banff National Park, Alberta, September 19, 2009
What are the forces of destabilization in your life?
What are the forces of balance and harmony?
What serves as your grounding foundation?
What do you turn to when you have nowhere to turn?
What keeps you going?

The silence that connects us to the Source is always there.
Both are always there.
The Source is the locus of our Original Nature
which is the grounding foundation of our life
in all conditions,
and circumstances.

Being who we are
and doing it like we would do it
as an expression/incarnation
of who we are
in each situation as it arises
is all we need to know-do-be.

We are stabilized when we are being who we are.
Our balance and harmony snap into place
when we are being who we are.

What do we need to be who we are?
We need to stop.
And redirect.
Step back into the moment,
see what is being called for,
respond as only we can
out of the gifts/genius/daemon/virtues/character
that are ours to share.

All our life long.



Cades Cove 02/28/2014 10 — Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Townsend, Tennessee, February 28, 2014
When we go off into the world 
to find our life and live it,
we do not know where the lines lie,
or where we should draw them.

We can easily care too much about the wrong things,
and care too little about the right things.

Where does the line lie between the wrong things
and the right things?
Where does the line lie between too much
and too little?

Time will tell.

We can trust ourselves to time
and to our life experience over time
to reveal all we need to know
about finding our life and living it.

In the meantime,
there is only taking our time
and paying attention--
seeing what we look at,
feeling what we feel,
sensing what we sense,
knowing what we know
about what's what,
what's happening,
and what is being called for
in each situation as it arises,
reflecting and reassessing
all along the way.

It helps to have little in the way
of judgment or opinion--
no more than, 
"Oops. Wrong turn!
Back up. Try again,"
would be just fine.



Spiderweb 02 11/07/2002 — Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Townsend, Tennessee, November 7, 2002
It all hangs by a thread,
turns on a dime,
It's all just a product
of chance and time...

And yet, and yet...

I was always going to be a writer,
and a photographer,
a seer seeking expression,
a knower wanting to know.

Carl Jung was never more correct
than when he said,
"We are who we always have been,
and who we will be."

There is nothing accidental about us.
Time and chance don't stand a chance with us.

We are going to be who we are!

The pine tree is tucked away in the seed.
The oak is never going to be a weed.

Who we are is right here with us all along.
It only takes looking to see,
knowing to know,
paying attention to understand.

So sit with yourself in some quiet place.
Invite reflection.
Await realization.
Consider the thread of you
playing out over time.
Who have you been showing yourself to be
all along the way
from the beginning to now?
What's your shtick?
There you are.
Now--go be you!
Do what you do!
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