July 15, 2020


Silence 02 — Eighth Note Rest and Quarter Note Rest
Another of the Little Rules of Life:

Don't decide--KNOW!!!
(Or, one of its infinite variations,
Don't think--KNOW!!!)

We over-think everything.

Sincerity just is.

Spontaneity just is.

Knowing just is.

You could spend your entire life
(Overstatement is what I do best)
standing before the orange juice section
or wandering up and down the cereal isle--
or the bread isle--
thinking it out.

Don't think! KNOW!!!

Wake up to your daily struggles to decide.

They are everywhere.
We want to be right about everything
(And being right has nothing to do
with being right--
it is all about being above reproach,
beyond criticism,
having a quick and well-considered reason
for doing what we do,
so that no one can find fault with us ever)
because to be criticized is to be lacking,
and lacking is one thing not one of us
can allow ourselves to be
(Here's another Little Rule of Life--
they are everywhere 
once you start looking for them--
Let Yourself Be Lacking!!!
No kidding.
It is the most freeing thing 
you will ever do
[Back to overstating my case]).

As I was saying,
Wake up to your daily struggles to decide,
and stop it.

Just stand not-knowing before whatever it is,
the blue one or the yellow one,
and simply wait to know.
Take your time.
Where does the pressure to "hurry up and make up your mind"
come from?
Who are you trying to please?
Stop it!
Remember your breathing. 
Breathe deeply,
exhale slowly.
Wait to know.

Wait to know about everything worth knowing.

Knowing what the Knower knows
is our surest guide
to where the Goer is going.

Stop deciding
and begin knowing.
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