July 07, 2020

Stained Glass Grapes 02/16/2008 — Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, Greensboro, North Carolina, February 16, 2008
Sincerity and awareness are prime tools 
in the work
of bringing ourselves forth
within the time and place,
context, conditions and circumstances
of our life.

We cannot fake either.

And we don't have to feel like doing either.
We don't have to be in the mood. 
Sincerity requires us to be the mood we are in.
Everything else is a lie.

And awareness pulls us beyond moods.
There is no mood for seeing things as they are.
Once a mood,
or an emotion,
enters the room,
awareness begins to dim,
and sincerity has to deal with
the conflict between seeing
and being afraid to see
(for instance)
into account.

And everything slows down,
waiting for us to get our feet back under us,
and settle ourselves into how things are,
so that we can begin listening/looking
for what is being called for,
and assist whatever arises within
to meet the moment 
with what we have to offer.

There is no thinking/planning/scheming/conniving/contriving here.

We see-hear-know-do.
The dog needs to go out,
and we let the dog out,
or take the dog out. 

Every situation is calling for something.
Our place is to know what that is
and see how we fit into what is needed.
What are we being asked to do?
How might we best respond to the needs of the moment?

We do not think out the answer,
we live it out.

It is like knowing what to do with the ball coming toward us
on a tennis court.
No thinking!
Just seeing-knowing-doing!

Carry a tennis ball with you into each moment
as a reminder of how to handle the moment.

Sincerely present,
with awareness.



Pink Flame Azalea 06/06/2020 06 — Indian Land, South Carolina, June 6, 2020
It is all useless,
and absurd--
and coming to a very bad end
(We all die).

And, how we live in the meantime
makes all the difference.

If you are going to take anything on faith,
let it be this!
Believe it is so
with all your heart,
and soul,
and mind,
and strength!

And live as though it is!

Put it into play in your life
by seeing what you look at,
and hearing what is being said,
and not giving a damn what your chances are,
or what's going to come of it,
or what difference you are going to make,
and step into each situation as it arises,
all your life long,
letting things be what they are,
looking at what is happening,
listening for what is being called for,
knowing what needs to be done,
and rising to the occasion
upon every occasion,
in ways appropriate to the occasion,
out of the gifts/genius/daemon/virtues/character
that come with you from the womb
into all of the occasions of your life
as blessing and grace
upon all who come your way--
doing what you came to do,
what is yours to do,
what no one but you can do
the way you can do it--
to startle and surprise,
shock and perturb,
amaze and encourage,
dazzle and delight,
enlighten and confound--
and leave things more like they ought to be
than they were when you arrived.

In order to be able to do this,
you have to spend some time
reworking your relationship
with yourself and your life,
and with the Way that is yours through life--
even as you step into the next situation
and look around.

It is a lifelong process,
redemption and transformation.
It begins with our understanding
this is what we are about,
and finding our way to being
accomplished in the art
one situation at a time.

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