July 04, 2020

Mormon Row 06/26/2011 03 — Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Wyoming, June 26, 2011
You do you!

The way only you can do you!

In ways appropriate to the occasion.
In every situation as it arises.
All your life long.

How long has it been?

Do you even remember?

Do you even remember how to do you?

What happened to you?
Were you shamed out of doing you?
Was it just not paying off?
Was it not worth it?
Was it getting you in trouble?
Was it in your way?
Was it an embarrassment?
     To yourself?
     To others?
Was it pointless?
Did you get tired of excusing what you were doing?
Did you merely grow up
and leave it behind
with your Binky and your Passie?

Would you even know where to start?
How to begin?
Doing you?

Your nighttime dreams would be a good place to look.
And your daydreams.
Your flights of fantasy.

You could start with being aware 
of the white rabbits
that appear out of nowhere,
catching your attention
with a wink and a wave
before hopping around a corner
hoping this time you will follow.

You are everywhere you go,
everywhere you look,
everything you think about doing,
but don't.
Why not?

You finding you,
getting back to you,
being you,
doing you
are the only things worth doing.

Why wait one second longer?
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