May 18, 2022

01 We have to have a vibrant relationship with mystery, with The Mystery at the Heart of Life and Being. There is That Which We Do Not Know, but can intuit, apprehend, sense, “know.” We can know of That Which We Do Not Know. Greeks and Romans had a shrine “To The Unknown God,” justContinue reading “May 18, 2022”

May 17, 2022

01 We all have trouble with things not going our way. It’s been that way with black people throughout the history of this country. They have yet to take up arms and go to war with asshole white people. Everybody else goes to war over the least little slight. Putin didn’t like something about UkraineContinue reading “May 17, 2022”

May 16, 2022

01 We have to live with the life we have lived, measured by the degree of sincerity and integrity we brought to life in the way we lived. By the degree of balance and harmony we enabled. By the amount of spirit, energy and vitality we exhibited and enabled in the people around us. ByContinue reading “May 16, 2022”

May 15, 2022

01 We will never turn life to our way of liking. We take it as it is and do our best to manage the dichotomy between how it is and how we want it to be– how well we do that depends on the nature of the circumstances. Wanting to be taller (or shorter) isContinue reading “May 15, 2022”

May 14-B, 2022

01 I have always been a sap for sincerity and integrity– I think because they were so absent in my early experience, I sought it out like it was the Philosopher’s Stone. Turns out, it is. Sincerity and integrity, I mean. People use sincerity and integrity, across the planet, throughout the universe, as a frontContinue reading “May 14-B, 2022”

May 14, 2022

01 The transformation is internal. We shift in relation to the world. The world remains exactly what it has always been, but we see it with grace and acceptance, knowing it to be the birthplace of seeing/hearing/knowing/understanding/ enlightenment/realization/satori/awakening… The world is Nazareth and the stable in Bethlehem to our conception and birth as Christ-consciousness/Buddha-mind. ItContinue reading “May 14, 2022”

May 13, 2022

01 Can you imagine a satisfying life apart from going/doing/having/getting? Just being? Being just as we are? Just so? At ease with ourselves and our place in our life? What bills would we run up like that? How much would it take to live like that? It would destroy the economy. Seriously. The economy isContinue reading “May 13, 2022”

May 12-B, 2022

01 The individual, personal, devoted oath of allegiance to the service of virtues worthy of fealty, liege loyalty and filial dependability in each situation as it arises our entire life long is all that is needed to right the ship and sail through heaving waves past clashing rocks and perils of the journey, holding aContinue reading “May 12-B, 2022”

May 12, 2022

01 What do you know of God that you did not receive from some other source, including the Bible? What is your own experience of God? Who is the God YOU call God? Nobody can give you your God. The only God that can be your God is the God you know to be God,Continue reading “May 12, 2022”

May 11, 2022

01 This present moment’s relationship with the entirety of my life is seemingly inconsequential in its ordinariness, but the theme of “ordinary” played out in a string of such moments begins to weigh-in on the entirety of my life, and becomes quiet influential over time. Enough “ordinary days” become a quite “ordinary life.” And, itContinue reading “May 11, 2022”


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