May 08, 2021

01 We all are carrying a load. Complexity, conflict and contradiction have their way with us. Balance and harmony are rarely present for long. Making peace with our life was out of the question years ago, and we have settled for making it through another day, one day at a time. Finding our life andContinue reading “May 08, 2021”

May 07, 2021

01 We have to meet the silence empty and open, still and receptive. No fear. No desires. No anger. No hatred. No judgment. No opinion. We bring stillness and emptiness, openness and receptivity to the silence, and wait, watching, for what emerges, occurs to us, arises, appears, beckons, calls, urging us to action without fear,Continue reading “May 07, 2021”

May 06, 2021

01 We all crave the freedom to do and to be with no clear notion regarding doing what, being what. It is as though we are being pushed to do something, to be somehow, without knowing what or how. What to do? How to be? The possibilities are endless. Where do we begin? Not this!Continue reading “May 06, 2021”

May 05, 2021

01 Between 200 and 500 CE, the person or persons responsible for the Taoist treatise “Cultivating Stillness,” wrote: “Abide in stillness, and you will enter the true way, this is called ‘receiving the Tao.’” About the time the Book of Job was being written, Prometheus Bound was also being written. Two works dealing with twoContinue reading “May 05, 2021”

May 04, 2021

01 Our practice comes down to the way we consciously follow a particular program for our life. The elements of that program are unique to each individual, but include a basic set of: Grounding in the silence. Conscious development and readjustment of our relationship with ourselves, one another and the invisible world. Distancing ourselves fromContinue reading “May 04, 2021”

May 03, 2021

01 When we embrace our fate, we unite with our destiny. We are born into our fate– our DNA is fated. We couldn’t do anything about it. It is a given. So are our parents and our point of origin in space and time. So are our loves and our hates, our preferences and ourContinue reading “May 03, 2021”

May 02, 2021

01 The key to happiness is few opinions. The more opinions we have, the less happy we are. The people who know everything have no idea of how to be happy. See everything, judge nothing, be happy. Compassion and grace leave things as they are until it becomes necessary to make changes. And then, theyContinue reading “May 02, 2021”

May 01, 2021

01 All it takes is time. Time will tell. Everything becomes clear in time. Time reveals all. If you don’t know what to do, just wait to see what you should have done, and you will know better what to do next time. Our entire life is a record of what works, and what doesn’tContinue reading “May 01, 2021”

May 2021

This is a place holder for the pages I will insert here during the month of May, 2021.

April 30, 2021

01 No judgment. No opinions. Just seeing what needs to be done, here and now, in this context, under these circumstances, and doing it. Moment-by-moment in each situation as it arises. We are not free until we are free from our wants and don’t wants. That is the freedom that allows us to look thingsContinue reading “April 30, 2021”


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