November 24, 2020

03 What is your predominant mood? What is your overriding feeling? What is the nature of your outlook? Of your viewpoint? Of your disposition? How does your body carry anxiety, anger, hopelessness, depression, grief, mourning, fear, worry, concern…? What is not working about your life? Where are your needs and expectations being disappointed? What isContinue reading “November 24, 2020”

November 23, 2020

03 We are to live out of the center of who we are– “Like a wheel turning out of its own center,” (Friedrich Nietzsche). In order to do that, we have to spend time nurturing and nourishing our relationship with our center. Our center is the contact point with our original nature, our natural rhythms,Continue reading “November 23, 2020”

November 22, 2020

03 What are the things keeping us from being the person we are capable of being, doing the things we are capable of getting done? Really–what is holding us back? Standing in our way? If it weren’t for what, we would be doing what? Sit quietly with those things in your lap. Meditate on thoseContinue reading “November 22, 2020”

November 21, 2020

03 We have to be right about what’s important. Everything rides on it. But how can we be right about what’s important? By being wrong, wrong, wrong with our eyes open. Getting it right the first time is an accident. Getting it right twice in a row just starting out is stupid lucky. Getting itContinue reading “November 21, 2020”

November 20, 2020

03 Our life is designed to bring out the best in us, or not. Joseph Campbell said, “It took the Cyclops to bring out the hero in Ulysses.” But, not in all those the Cyclops met before Ulysses. We do not have to stand up and step forward to meet our life with our bestContinue reading “November 20, 2020”

November 19, 2020

03 We see things the way we see things. And. Everything hinges/turns/flows from/falls out around how we see things. Nothing is more important than being right about the way we see things. That being the case– and who could see it any other way– you would think we would take the pains required to seeContinue reading “November 19, 2020”

November 18, 2020

05 My short list of the most important things: See what you look at. Look at everything. Hear what you listen to. Listen to everything. Know what you know, and what you don’t know. Sit quietly as often as possible for as long as possible. Contemplate your original nature and your natural rhythms. Realize thatContinue reading “November 18, 2020”

November 17, 2020

03 All religion is based on the premature interpretation of experience. The discovery of recurring cycles in the relationships between the stars and planets– with mathematical regularity– did not, does not, mean anything beyond what it is. However, the stargazers who put everything together made it mean what they said it meant by interpreting itContinue reading “November 17, 2020”

November 16, 2020

03 Why do we care about what we care about? We will never explain our way to the bottom of it. The question can be answered only with another question. “Why do you care about what you care about? We do not have access to the Carer within. We like what we like. We don’tContinue reading “November 16, 2020”

November 15, 2020

03 Everything hinges upon, flows from, falls into place around living meaningfully. Living meaningfully is living with your heart in what you are doing. What keeps that from happening? There are no substitutes for it. No stand-ins. No reasonable facsimiles. All of the distractions, like money, sex, alcohol and pot, can’t erase the emptiness orContinue reading “November 15, 2020”


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