August 6, 2020


Lotus Blossom 06 A
We are the guardian/protector/champion/defender
of our Original Nature--
who we are
and always have been
and will be,
our guiding,
the connection to which
is tenuous,
easily lost
and must be carefully kept.

We--our conscious ego-self--
are responsible for nurturing
and nourishing
our relationship
with our Original Nature
with filial devotion
and liege loyalty
by tending the ties that bind us
through our imagination
embedded in our psyche,
and living as if all of this is so.

This is the still point
around which everything turns.

The ineffable wonder and mystery of creation
is at work at the center of each of us.
There is more to us all than meets the eye.
We approach the Source within
in seeking alliance with our Original Nature
and living in accord with it
within the conditions and circumstances of our life.

We incarnate the Source in aligning ourselves with our Nature,
and birthing ourselves in our life
by exhibiting/expressing there
the truth of who we were at the beginning,
are now,
and ever shall be,
being consubstantial and one substance with 
the Source of life and being
here and now,
right here right now,
living that out in the time and place of our living,
as if God were living in us and through us
in all that we do.



Crabtree Falls 04/26/2006 01 — Blue Ridge Parkway near Little Switzerland, NC, April 26, 2006
Our task is to be true to ourselves
within the context and circumstances of our life--
to live out of our Original Nature,
with sincerity
and self-transparency
in all that we do.
And to let that be that.
To let that be enough,
because that is all there is.

The people who realize this,
affirm it,
embrace it,
engage it
and live in accord with it
are real people.

They are just who they are,
doing what needs to be done
in each situation as it arises
all their life long.

They are content with themselves
and their life,
and are glad to be who they are,
doing what is theirs to do.

They live out of their own joy
in the service of the best they have to offer
to meet what is called for here and now,
moment by moment,
and think of that as a good day well-lived.

Their world is quite different
from that of their neighbors
who contrive to improve their life
in the service of personal gain 
and advantage
by exploiting their position
to increase their opportunities
for advancement and privilege,
wealth and power,
fortune and glory
without limit or end.

I do not know who is better off,
but I like the idea of mutual respect
for each other
and for legitimate boundaries/limits
that permit individual development
without infringing on the development of others
and without destroying the environment
in the service of unending wealth
and an ever-increasing standard of living.

Greed and folly have forever been recognized
as the source of all of our problems,
and are naturally avoided
by those whose idea of the good
takes everybody's good into account,
without serving their own good
at the expense of anyone else's.

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