August 27, 2020


Great Blue Heron 08/04/2011 — Bog Garden, Greensboro, North Carolina
It would be GREAT if we felt like doing
what needs to be done!

Nothing would make the difference
that feeling like
living the life 
that needs to be lived
would make in our life
and in the world.

"I don't feel like it," is all it takes
to make things exactly what they are.

We have to get over it.
Get over not feeling like doing what needs to be done.

If only we had the power
of Powder Milk Biscuits!

Well, we do.
It's called "Overriding our feelings."
We can do what we do not feel like doing.
No kidding.
It's called,
"Faking it until we make it."
It's an old AA slogan.
It means doing what needs to be done
whether we feel like it or not.

Like not-going to a bar.
Not-taking a drink.
Not-buying a six pack...

What do our feelings know
about what matters most?
About what's important?
About what hangs in the balance
in every moment
of each situation that arises?

We cannot allow our feelings
to guide our boat on its path through the sea.
To direct our actions.
To run the show.

There is more at stake in our life
than doing what we feel like doing,
and waiting to feel like it
before changing the baby's diaper
or wash the dishes.



Thunderstorm at Sunset 08/11/2011 Panorama — Blue Ridge Parkway, West Jefferson, North Carolina
As long as we are doing "this"
so "that" will happen,
"this" is contingent upon "that."
And "that" is contingent upon 10,000 things.
None of which are in our control.

Doing "this" so "that" will happen
is called "Willing what cannot be willed."

"Willing what cannot be willed"
is the source of all of our problems today.
Any day.
Every day.

The Wasteland and
The Void.

We will save ourselves a lot of pain,
difficulty and
we will only 
do "this" so "this" will happen.

what will happen next.
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