August 26, 2020


Sunrise East Fork Overlook 05/30/2011 Panorama — Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina
Carl Jung said,
"We meet our destiny
on the road we take
to escape it."

And, he said,
"We are who we always have been,
and who we will be."

The Buddha died from eating bad pork
(How enlightened was that?).
He was betrayed by his disciple who served it.

Jesus was betrayed by all of his followers--
a trend that continues through all of time
and into the present moment.

Live with authenticity,
and let the outcome be the outcome.

Do not live to serve your advantage,
corner some market,
cash in on your opportunities,
paint the town
and sit in the cat bird's seat.

See what is happening
and do what is called for in response,
out of your own center,
with your own gifts/genius/daemon/spirit/virtues/character/grace.

And let that be that.
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