The Sermon on the Mount,
the Parable of the Prodigal Son,
the Parable of the Good Samaritan, 
and the bit about
"Inasmuchas you have done it (or not done it)
to the least of my brothers and sisters,
you have done it (or not done it) unto me,"
are all you need to know about Jesus.

They are all you need to know
about how to live your life 
in relationship with other people.

They are all the Bible you need.

They are all the religion you need.

They are Jesus without the theology
(doctrine, dogma, creeds, beliefs).
All of which were inventions of the church
to keep the church going--
and it has kept going very well--
which began with the Council of Nicaea in 325
consolidating the Church of the Holy Roman Empire,
initiating the persecutions
and the burnings at the stake
that created Christian Theology,
the Virgin Birth, Sin, Redemption, Heaven and Hell
and all the rest.

The Church is the Church of Oppression.
It is the Church of the Oppressors.
It is the polar extreme of who Jesus was
and what Jesus was about--
"breaking down the dividing walls
and making us all one."

Oneness is what we are to be about.

Ours is the middle way
between the way on the right
and the way on the left.
Between Yin and Yang.
Between the dualities of consciousness
and lived reality.

We are to integrate the opposites,
dance with the contradictions,
embrace the dichotomies,
and bear the pain of it all
in bringing it together,
"Thou Art That"
in our way with ourselves,
each other,
and all things,
and living our way into the Mystery
of the Union
at the Heart of Life and Being,
by living "This, too! This, Too!"
in each situation as it arises
all our life long.

Starting right here
right now.

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