The foundation 
of The Non-Subscribing 
Church of What's Happening Now
is the right kind of silence.

The right kind of silence is the source of everything.

The wrong kind of silence
leads to the right kind of silence
over time.

Just be still
sit quietly
and wait
to see and hear
what needs to be
heard and seen.

As thoughts appear,
moods arise,
feelings stir...
add them to your awareness
without engaging any of it,
in a "This too, this too," kind of way,
and return to the stillness,
sitting quietly,

The things that occur to you in the silence
will organize themselves into categories.
They will sort themselves out
grouped according to their urgency
and the quality of their  power
to attract/distract.

Is it attraction or distraction?
What is the nature 
of their urge to action?
What is the nature
of the action they urge?

The questions raise the matter
of the source and the end
of our thoughts,

Seek the source in the silence.
Get to the bottom of you.

Joseph Campbell said,
"It is the nature of reflection
to lead to new realizations"
(Or words to that effect).

Curiosity and inquisitiveness lead the way.
 Ask the questions that beg to be asked.
Say the things that cry out to be said.
Investigate your own
to see where the come from,
where they are leading,
and what they have to tell you about you.
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